Financial Documents

Bunsis Financial Analysis Columbia 2023.pdf

2023 financial analysis 

Over the past few years, Howard Bunsis, an institutional finance expert and professor of accounting at Eastern Michigan University, has examined the publicly available financial data for several universities, including Portland State, Johns Hopkins, Stony Brook, and Rutgers. This has allowed faculty and staff at these institutions to contradict claims of institutional poverty and highlight management bloat. Last fall, the Columbia chapter of the AAUP joined with our friends at the CPW-UAW (the union for CU postdoctoral researchers) to raise funds to secure Bunsis’s services to conduct a financial analysis of the university. In addition to the report, you can watch the recording of Professor Bunsis's presentation of his findings to the Columbia AAUP chapter and the CPW-UAW here.


2019 990 

This is the most recently available 990 for the university, for 2019.


2018 990 

The 990 for 2018.


2017 990 

The 990 for 2017.

The yearly 990s and audits are available from Pro Publica's website.